Approaching Spring League

To All Coaches as we approach Spring League here are some observations:

  1. We took Coaching courses and we learned how to make the game both challenging and fun for the players.
  2. We have been graded on our wins and losses but have we been graded on the fun aspect?
  3. We have placed on ourselves high levels of stress and might have forgotten how to coach to have FUN.

Let us observe the professional game taking the English Premier League as an example, at the start of the season:

A few teams came out of the blocks playing entertaining soccer, the players and the manager looked like they were having fun.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Wolves, Chelsea and Arsenal are prime examples, driven by the coaches but executed by the players.

Who was not having fun? Well, Manchester United is a prime example. As the season progressed, Chelsea and Arsenal are showing stress.

Liverpool and Wolves are still having fun. City lost it but looks like they are back in and Manchester United looks like they are having fun.

Players having fun seem to win games. All the coaches do is pick the team – and the players do the rest. Does it work all the time…. No.

Can we learn from watching others? I think we can bring the fun back, win or lose. It’s time for Spring League and for the players to have FUN!