Errors Officials Should Avoid


At times things happen during the course of a match that officials should keep documented because hours, days, weeks later a question or an investigation into the match may surface and the officials may be asked to provide some details.

A major injury, a natural event (lightning, storms, etc…), a possible concussion, or any disruption to the match, these are some examples of things that may occur while working a game, can lead to an early termination of a match, and should be documented.

  • Writing good, clear and detailed notes is important.
  • Keep it simple, factual and use the Who, What, Where, When and How approach without including any personal opinions, feelings or emotions.
  • Also include any witnesses and their contact information.
  • A send off or disqualification report is always required documentation when a red card is issued to a player.
  • Recording the time and jersey number of a player who scored a goal is another “must do” for the officials.