Lessons from the World Cup

Seeing that set plays are probably the biggest single issue to come out of the World Cup because it’s decided so many of the games.  It amazes me that anyone is amazed as research was done over 50 years ago to establish this fact.. In fact between 1966 and 1986 (27) goals were scored in world cup finals.

There are 5 major reasons Set-Plays play such a vital role.

  1. A dead ball – Easier to concentrate on striking the ball.
  2. Lack of pressure – Defenders must be 10 yards at both corner kicks & free kicks.
  3. Control the action scene as you can flood the area with attackers.
  4. You can rehearse & fine tune the play.
  5. In a vital game the chances that in the final 20 minutes the winning goal coming from a set play is around 80%.

Graham Ramsay – Executive Director, The Soccer School