Very Important Areas of Concern

With Spring League getting set to begin in the next couple of weeks (March 10th to be exact), coaches have already begun training their teams for the ‘next playing opportunity’. I reference games in this way for a specific reason. There are many different kinds of ‘Playing Opportunities’. For example, there is Tournaments, State Cups (tournaments with a different format and rules), Futsal, Indoor, and Playing League (just to name a few).

I name these type of ‘Playing Opportunities’ for another reason that coaches SHOULD be more aware of in their team’s preparation for those opportunities. During the coaches’ pre-season preparation for their team, coaches tend to ‘overlook’ or take for granted their knowledge of the Laws of the Game as their knowledge and understanding of the different ‘Rules for different Playing Opportunities’. They also forget another aspect of their responsibility as the Coach of the team… what do I need to do if one of my players gets hurt?

Mike Hodges
District Coaching Coordinator

I mention these 2 different areas that get ‘overlooked’ by coaches because these are two VERY important areas of concern, both in perception and in actual situations (day to day). When a child gets hurt, coaches need to inform their League’s registration of an Injury within their Membership. There is secondary insurance coverage’s for that child that has been hurt during competition or training for that competition. This also ‘covers the Coach and League’s exposure to Liability by informing the League in written form.

With CYSA (Cal North); there is a specific form that Coaches SHOULD have in their binders for anytime they are with the team (training or competition). It is the CYSA CASE REPORT form and its link to print out is HERE. It has simple instructions to fill out, and I say to other coaches, “when in doubt…fill it out and turn into your League representative.”

In regards to the first item ‘overlooked’ by coaches (Rules of Playing Opportunity), I will speak in one area at this moment. Spring League is coming up real soon (March 10th) and we’ve had Coaches meetings in the past that coaches are ‘REQUIRED’ to attend. Whether you attended in the past or not; it is YOUR responsibility to be aware of the specific rules for Spring League (i.e. Passes, ‘Mercy Rule’, etc. to name a few). Due to timing of start of play, the District may not have this meeting, but it DOES NOT diminish your responsibility for knowing those rules. They will be available to download from the District website (prior to play) and (more importantly) be in affect from the beginning of play (March 10th).

Coaches…please add these two areas for ‘your’ preparation for your team, so everyone is not ‘caught off guard’ by a ‘LACK OF PREPARATION’. Good luck to all and have fun!!!