D-7 Girls Recreation Coach of the Year 2017

Rosendo Gonzales

Question: How and why did you become a youth soccer coach?

Rosendo: It all started when my daughter’s soccer coach stepped down and no one else volunteered so I decided to step up that was in (2011).  The main reason I decided to coach was during my playing days I suffered knee injuries and could no longer play.  The next best thing was to coach the sport and pass down the knowledge and passion I have for the game.  I want to pass on all the good things and life lessons my coaches passed on to me and see these kids grow on and off the field.

Question: If you had a magic wand what major changes would you make in youth soccer?

Rosendo: The biggest change would be the commercialism of this beautiful game.  It seems there are so many so called club/comp teams out now that it takes away from the rec side of things.  The fun is lost for the kids, it’s all about winning now instead of just getting together with your friends/classmates and playing a fun game on the weekends.  There is also the fact that everyone now believes they need to have the name brand cleats and clothes in order to play.  Back in my day we wore whatever we had because as long as we were having fun no one cared about what cleats or clothes you wore you were just there to have fun.

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