Mercy Rule Discussion


In the continuing discussion of ‘Mercy Rule’ incidents and coaches developing a ‘weekly’ game plan; this is an article from a coach ‘who has a plan’… enjoy!!!

How to Manage a Lopsided Game

By Sal Blanco, USSF C License, NSCAA National Diploma

The following is a suggested approach to deal with lopsided games (i.e., in terms of goals scored).

Perhaps the starting point to help coaches with this issue is to understand why we care about this issue. Put simply, there is no honor in beating an opponent by, for example a score of 12-0. It teaches nothing to the team scoring and any lesson to the team being scored on is marginal at best. I can assure that they are not having a good time. Moreover the team scoring is not developing and technical skills.

All participants in the game need to learn to manage, and it is not just coaches, but also players and parents.

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Mike Hodges

District Coaching Coordinator