Spring League 2017

From D-7 Commissioner Soon spring will be here and the 2017 Spring League will begin. District 7 will be hosting a 4 vs. 4 FUN event at the Hanford Soccer Complex, open to all ages of Cal North players. More details to follow. Your registrars will be busy learning the new registration software power by Blue Star. Once learned this will offer lots of tools for your leagues to communicate, schedule and register.

Chowchilla will be hosting the very first ‘pre-F’ course on February 11, 2017.  We hope this will be the beginning of a record number of courses to be taught this year. One quick reminder to all Leagues your affiliation is due soon.

Let us continue to make District 7 the model family of Leagues that work for a common goal , “OUR PLAYERS!”.

John M Hodgson CYSA D7 Commissioner