I Believe


john-murphy To help us prepare for a New Year of Soccer we may want to read and consider this highly successful former State Association Presidents beliefs what the objectives of, ‘A Youth Soccer Association’ and its basic principles should be…

I believe that the true and greater purpose of youth soccer is to enable children to build positive character traits by acquiring social skills, learning to work together as a team, forming lasting friendships, obtaining skills necessary to succeed in school, and to avoid exposure to and participation in negative influences and behaviors such as gangs, drugs, teen pregnancies, and academic failure.

I believe it is the duty of all to recognize that our primary obligation and objective is to serve our children by providing experiences that will enable each of them to grow, learn, mature, and succeed as adults by becoming productive members of society and that “winning” an athletic contest is at best a secondary goal of youth sports. 

By John Murphy, Former Chairman. CA Youth Soccer Assoc. (CYSA)

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