Resolution aren’t just for the New Year

michael-hodgesDuring this time of the year, we reflect on goals we set for the previous year or years past and set new goals. I would like everyone to consider taking a different approach when setting goals for the New Year.

From a coach’s perspective, setting goals that are not based on the results of matches is better for players and ourselves. Get players to challenge themselves as individuals and as a team, and listen to players talk about those challenges. Listen to understand the goals and not to just respond to them. If you, as a coach, can learn that in working with your players, it will go a long way in developing their communications skills on and off the field, as well as your own. But more important, it will get players to believe they are more than just players, they are valuable future adults.

Michael Hodges, National D License Coach, CYSA GK License, D7/ CYSA Coaching Instructor

21 year coach “with the scars to back it up” … PROUDLY

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