“The Unnecessary Element In a Youth Soccer Game!”

The Parent that has all the answers on the “Laws of the Game” during a youth soccer game and wants to impress everyone with his/her knowledge of the “Laws of the Game” by yelling at the referees and telling them how “bad” they are doing officiating the game will find this very hard to comprehend but thSAMSUNG CSCe parent is not a necessary element that needs to be a part of a youth soccer game. Players, coaches, and referees are all necessary elements of the game but the parents of the players are not. referee-with-whistle-and-lighting-bolt-article-5

It is too bad that the parents of players do not hear what the players are saying to each other and to the referee during a game about the behavior of their parents. Most of the players are embarrassed by the behavior of their parents. I have lost track of the times that I have overheard a player talking to himself/herself or to another player and saying “I wish my dad would shut up”.  I was doing the center of a Championship game in a tournament.

You can read the rest of this story and more at fundamentalsoccer.com  By Bob Asklof  CYSA Hall of Fame, Former District 8 Commissioner, Referee Coordinator & Tournament Director