Changes in the Laws of the Game for 2016-2017

Law 5 — Referee
The referee may not change a decision on realizing that it is incorrect if play has restarted or the referee has signaled the end of the first or second half and left the field of play or terminated the match.
Disciplinary actions:
• Has the power to show yellow and red cards from entering the field at the start of the match until after the match has ended, including during half time.
     • Punish the more serious offense when more than one offence occurs at the same time. Has the authority to take disciplinary action from entering the field for pre-match inspection until leaving the field of play after the match.
• If before entering the field at the start of the match a player commits a sending off offense, the referee has the authority to prevent the player from taking part in the match. see Law 3.6).
Pat Ferre
Pat Ferre
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