Glenn Stanis responds to Diane Boettcher’s article, ‘ANYONE FOR LUNCH?” with the following …

“Lead in games, no lead in games…in the end, it is whatever keeps them coming back. In my area, soccer and baseball facilities used to be full of intramural games, with travel teams formed at a later age. Parents and coaches insisted on travel teams at younger ages, and guess what? The fields are empty.  Glenn Stanis

Dear Glenn,

What a great common-sense line, “Whatever keeps them coming back!” Thank you for sharing..!

I also agree with your observation about keeping people engaged in sports/soccer. The focus on competition and travel teams may have unintentionally affected the availability of intramural games, which used to be so popular. It’s crucial to find a balance that caters to different interests and needs, ensuring that sports’ competitive and recreational aspects are accessible to everyone. Thank you for bringing up this thought-provoking point!  Koach Karl

Thanks, Koach Karl

What bothers me is that I feel, more times than not, the decision to move from intramural to travel at an early age is not being made by the player. It is being made by a parent with dreams of scholarships that have little chance of coming true.

Glenn Stanis, Writer and Consultant