Just a quick note to show what we think and bring into practice, especially with starting players and coaches:

Take the Fundamental Soccer Blog as an example:

Children should have lots of experience in all planes of motion at a very young age to enhance their movement competence. Let the children crawl, balance, and hop. Turn, twist, roll, and so on.

From crawling, you will be a better crawler; from hopping, you will be a better hopper; from rolling, you will be a better roller but not a better football player, so Play, Play, and Play soccer in various situations.

If you give these tools (crawling, balance, etc.) to the (un)experienced starting coaches, they will use them a lot because that is something that they understand and looks attractive to the parents on the sideline. Still, they will get better, not in playing soccer but in rolling, hopping, etc.

Our core principle is to keep everything we do closely tied to the game. The game guides us; everything we teach should be Game-Related.You need to put these principles into coaching courses, even for volunteer coaches. Please provide them with guidelines for game-centered training sessions.

There should be a group coordinator coach with a suitable license who trains (interns).  These coaches give these ‘parent-coaches’ an intern license (handed out by a board member) and will be regularly evaluating, of course, always in a positive, inspiring way!

I do not want to be a wise guy, Karl, but I see here in Holland that ‘It Works!’

Just an idea that would help the US and District-7 to do the right things in training, especially if it gains support from people in charge………………………!

Best regards,