Koach Karl, Greetings from Holland, and Thank you for sending me your monthly newsletter; I want to share something with you.

Soccer is a “passing game” where we need to get the ball from one side to the other side of the field and try to score; that is the main objective.

Of course, you need to bring yourself in a position to make yourself accessible, but there needs to be a pass or shot after that.

In all the articles last month, only one person mentioned the word “pass,” the rest more or less talked about moves, conditioning, etc., but ‘passing’ is what it is all about in soccer.

In the late ’80s, Wiel Coerver came to me and wanted to try his methods with my soccer coaches’ students.  We rented some cottages in Holland with an excellent soccer field next to it, and for a week, we all worked on the Wiel Coerver moves. Wiel wanted our comments, but as you probably know, after talking to him, he had his ideas, and the rest is history.

I wrote in the years after that my method, “Master the Ball,” which built on what Wiel was doing, but I brought more structure in the moves: back moves, side moves, faints, and passing moves(building up the resistance of the opponent in a couple of steps) and connected all moves with passing or scoring opportunity.

As UEFA C, B, and A instructors, we are still convinced that soccer is a passing game. In every training, this item must be implemented as a significant part of a training session.

There are a lot of possibilities to do this on your own or with a friend, like skill practicing and condition but ………………………PASSING is #-1.