Learning panna moves to manipulate defenders is fun, exciting, and gives one confidence because of the new arsenal of moves to attack with. Players can find a wide range of panna skills to learn online (see our channel of videos).

  1. Scoring goals is part of the gameplay, but your success no longer relies on how many goals your team scored or did not score.

  2. It no longer feels like Joe missed his shot, and you guys are still losing again. Every player on the court can dominate a defender, anywhere on the court, at any time.

  3. Panna skills teach players how to manipulate defenders. They teach you why a defender will move the way they do, and you learn variations from each, giving you multiple options to attack with.

  4. When was the last time you panna’d two players back to back? Haha, it’s fun, and it’s fun because you’ve learned to dominate the defenders. You develop moves and variations for various situations, just like the scenarios you encounter on the soccer field.

  5. Peripheral vision: Because we use ground combos to keep the ball away from defenders and to set up the release of the ball with a pass, panna, or shot, we develop a better sense of the position of players around us. 

  6. Mixed ages and skill levels: The game allows for various skill and age  ranges because aiming to panna another player is the biggest challenge. Most adults don’t have these skills, so there’s your challenge.

    To begin with, can you panna someone? Younger players will start learning faster, and it’s fun when they panna the older players. And when a skilled player is playing, can they dominate and panna a player before they get to shoot?

That’s it, Now Go & Have Some FUN!