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District VII Coaching Policy Rev June 2012

District VII Coaching Policy (Proposed changes)  05/09/2012

All adult passes processed for Competitive Play rosters must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. U-9 through U-12 must have an “F” coaching license.
  2. U-13 through U-14 must have an “F” coaching license in first year and a CYSA “E” or USSF “E” in subsequent years.
  3. U-15 through U-19 must have a CYSA E/D coaching license or USSF E.

In addition, all coaches must meet Mandatory Continuing Education (“MCE”) requirements each year after completing the F license by taking an approve module, clinic, referee course or higher license. For example, Coach X completes the F course August 2012. By next year (August 2013), Coach X can meet her MCE requirement by taking a module from an approve list (first aid, CPR, online) provided by D7. Coach X may also take the USSF E course and that fulfills her MCE requirement. Coach X also can take referee course to meet MCE requirement. Now in August 2014, Coach X can take USSF D or just keep taking modules or clinics.       

The following policy pertains to ALL District 7 coaches for Competitive Teams formerly Division 1 (Class 1) and Division 3 (Class 3) teams.  

This policy commences August, 2012, and for the purposes of the requirements outlined below, a playing season is considered to run from Sept. 1st through Aug.31st of the following year.    

Head coaches of U9 through U12 teams must hold a minimum of the CYSA F license or NSCAA State diploma or NSCAA Youth diploma or USSF Youth module.  

Head coaches of U13 through U14 teams must hold a minimum of the CYSA E license, the NSCAA Regional   diploma or NSCAA Advanced Youth diploma,

 USSF “E” or CYSA “E” license, or AYSO Advanced license.

Head coaches of U15 through U19 teams must hold a minimum of the CYSA E/D  License or USSF E or NSCAA Advanced Regional diploma.

·         All returning coaches shall be required to hold the applicable license or diploma prior to the start of a new playing season.

·         All “new” coaches entering District 7 shall meet the minimum coaching requirement —

i.e. a CYSA coach who is new to the coaching of a Competitive  team in District 7 must hold a CYSA  F license or recognized equivalent.

 All managers requesting a pass must hold a minimum of a CYSA F license.

§                                 Recreational formerly Division 4 (Class 4) head coaches should obtain a minimum of a CYSA Pre-F license, a CYSA F License or Approved Equivalent is required for a second season of play

§                                 All foreign coaching licenses shall be reviewed by the District 7 coaching director for acceptance  

Approved 5/9/12 by D7 Board 

District 7 Coaching Policy Rev. 03/11/2009   

All second year in house coaches (Div. 4) must obtain an “F” coaching license. This would apply to all District VII leagues.

Note: District VII strongly suggests that all first year CYSA coaches take the Pre-F course.  

All adult passes processed for District Playing League rosters must meet the following requirements:

  • U-11 through U-12 must have an “F” coaching license.
  • U-13 through U-14 must have an “E” coaching license.
  • U-15 through U-19 must have an E/D (District D) coaching license.

All first year coaches entering at the U-13 or above level must obtain an “F” coaching license. An “E” license must be obtained for their second year and they will be required to obtain an “E/D” for their third year at the U-15 and above level.

Justification: The CYSA coaching curriculum is designed to teach the appropriate skills at a rate that is compatible to the age and skill level of the players.

The “F” course provides coaches with a concrete training routine that encourages the technical development of younger players. Basic 1v1 attacking skills and 1v1 defending skills are taught at this level.

The “E” coaching curriculum teaches first and second attacker and first and second defender principles.

The U-15 and above level coaches should be introducing group attacking and group defending tactics that are introduced in the “E/D” course.

The higher the quality of soccer education we can offer our players, the higher the quality of players we will produce.   



  1. A guest player is defined as a player with an approved member pass who is not listed as a rostered player for the CYSA team with which the player is participating in a particular event.
  2. A player who is suspended cannot participate as a guest player.


Guest players may be utilized by:

Teams participating in a CYSA recognized statewide (i.e.: any District may provide teams to participate playing league.

The Guest player must be rostered on a team within the same league/club as the team on which the player will be guesting. Team IDs are formatted as DD-LL-CC-TTTT where:

        DD is the District number

        LL is the League number

        CC is the Club number

        TTTT is the Team number

The DD-LL-CC numbers must be the same on the guest player CYSA member pass as those on the CYSA member pass for the team on which the player is guesting.

Teams participating in a CYSA sanctioned tournament

The guest player can be rostered on any CYSA team.

1Each guest player must have a completed Guest Player Form 1611 with all the required signatures.

Teams participating in a secondary season District sanctioned playing league

§            The guest player must be from the same District.

§            Districts will determine further guest player requirements for their secondary playing leagues.

For teams using guest players:

§         The maximum number of guest players allowed is seven (7) per game.

§         The official team roster may never exceed the maximum number of player as approved by the CYSA Board of Directors.

§         On game day, the list of players designated on the official game card may never exceed eighteen (18) players.

§         The team using the guest player must be at the same age group or higher and the same division or higher than the team on which the guest player is originally rostered.

§         The credentials for the guest player must be from the same season as those being used by the team on which the player will be guesting.

§         The coach of the borrowing team must have in his/her possession the player’s approved member pass and the current CYSA Membership Form (Form 1601) for the guest player with the medical release and the hold harmless section signed in original ink by the parent or guardian or by the guest player if the player has reached eighteen (18) years of age.

For CYSA Tournaments:

1.  The decision to include teams with guest players in a CYSA tournament is solely at the discretion of the tournament.

2.  Each CYSA tournament has the responsibility of establishing a policy regarding the participation of teams with guest players in their tournament.  This policy must be stated in the tournament Information/Rules Document for each CYSA tournament calendar year.

3.The coach must have in his possession for each guest player a CYSA Guest Player Form (Form 1611) signed by the appropriate persons.

4. Out of State or International teams playing in an unrestricted CYSA tournament must provide the following for each guest player:

1. The appropriate approval documentation from their state association or federation.

2.   A release/consent for Medical Treatment.

3.   A valid US Youth Soccer member pass or a valid member pass authorized by the appropriate foreign federation if the guest player is not from the United States.

For Out of State/Out of Country Tournaments:

1.   For Out of State/Out of United States play, the maximum number of guest players allowed will be determined by the official rules or policies of the tournament.  At no time may the number of guest players on the CYSA Official Travel Roster exceed seven (7) players.

2.  Teams travelling outside of CYSA’s jurisdiction to play in an out-of-state, US Youth Soccer-sanctioned tournament may add guest players to their CYSA Official Travel Roster.  The CYSA Official Travel Roster, which limits teams to a maximum of eighteen (18) players, must be completed to indicate which players are guest players.  (General Procedures Section 3:09:01)